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In my 8 years of professional life I have done different kind of work. I continuously observe the trends and always try to put my efforts in the studies of web designing. As according to my work I always try to read the mind of my client carefully that what he/she wants, and how can I help them in their growth. Feel free to pass your comments on my portfolio which is given below.

My Web Experience
Basement Cast
We Friend Social Community Website (Template Design)
Rage Hockey "Expired Version"
Rage Hockey USA "Expired Version"
Video Sticky "Expired Version"
Med Scend "Approved Design"
qp4men (Under Garments)
Video Lab "Expired Version"
Online Printer "Design Approved"
VH (Software Gui Design)
Clothing (Template Desing)
Law Resource Exchange "Expired Version"
Rage Sports
Rage Social Community Website
Experience of Electronic Media
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Entertainment (Static Wall) © Express News
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